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IAMU (International Artist Management Union) is an accelerator for creative entrepreneurs and a hub for artist management partners and resources.

There are 5 stages in company growth. Early stage Investors are often interested in the first two stages. Incubators are more geared towards start-up businesses. Accelerators work with current businesses that already have existing revenues and are going through their growth stage. IAMU does help start up programs but our main goal is to identify those businesses and organizations that can have immediate and direct impact on Kansas City’s economic climate and help them quickly scale; the results of which pave the way for more startups i.e. artists to be successful.

Education- Connecting more artists with mentors and training workshops.

Media – Highlighting artists with our media assets and shedding more light on the arts industry.

Diversity Inclusion – Continually keeping diversity at the peak of conversation to ensure artists get the adequate opportunities paving the way for future sustainable growth.

Creative Placemaking – Virtual ecosystem development, physical temporary residency, and permanent physical residency for unique artists.

Some of the Industries that are Represented in our Network.

Authentic Sewing | Upholstery (Visually Stunning Underserved Artist)

Underrated Local Multicultural Musicians

Upcoming | Aspiring Videographers

Content Curators | Bloggers | Branding & Communications

Multi-cultures and Multicultural Artists

Local Interior Designers & Underserved Trades

Culinary Arts

Innovators | Thought Leaders | Influencers

Engineering | Trade | IT Digital Arts

Our Mission

Our mission is to help expose more unserved artists and arts networks in order to strengthen communities through developing more sustainable arts ecosystems.

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